Lose weight, firm, flatten, tighten, strengthen, tone – you hear it everywhere you go. But where do you start? You don’t need more time, more money, or your own personal trainer and chef to be healthy and look the way you want to look. You need My FitU™!
Hear what our members have to say...
  • "I have lost 42 lbs since starting with My FitU. I think the amount of information in the app is amazing. I was looking for something like this to help guide me to a healthier lifestyle and My FitU came just at the right time!"Kathy W. – Bakersfield, CA

  • "My FitU allows me to workout in my home and not have the feeling of people staring at me in the gym. This is a program that I needed to kick my butt into gear. The workouts are helping me tone and get more energy. I have lost 15 lbs. so far!"Becca V. – Midland, PA

  • "I love the program, better than P90X, or any of the other DVD based workout systems. It provides me focused workouts that challenge me. I have cut back on all things junk food and have lost 7 lbs."Chuck K. - Easley, SC

  • "My FitU has taken the place of my trainer of 3+ years. I get a very rigorous, monthly workout schedule that incorporates both strength and cardio. It’s like having a trainer for 1/100th of the cost!"Renee S. – Huntley, IL

  • "I started My FitU two months ago and am already down 3 dress sizes and I've lost 17 pounds! I'm a very motivated person and I love the fact that everything is easy to use. I love telling everyone about My FitU!"Melody W. – Johnstown, PA

  • "Since I started MyFitU, I have increased my body weight by 15 pounds without changing my pant size! My range of motion and general flexibility has increased greatly… I strongly recommend MyFitU for any level person desiring to get in better shape."Frank M., MD – Nashville, TN

  • "I have used several other fitness apps, but MyFitU is something very different. This is a great program that has kept my interest and is easy to use with very little equipment. I travel for a living, so having a program that gives me a variety of workout options is very important. I’ve lost 8 pounds so far!"Stacy W. – Golden, CO

  • "As a mother of three with a demanding full time job, I need an exercise program that can be done on my time. The “Swap Exercise” option allows me to get a great workout from home if I can't make it to the gym."Mary M. – Nashville, TN

About My FitU™

Daniel Meng, one of the nation’s most successful fitness coaches, has created a unique application which delivers his cutting edge coaching services to your fingertips.

Daniel realized, with technological advancements, he could work with each and every person to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Night or day, wherever you are, whatever your schedule, situation or health goal – he creates a custom plan for each individual that can be accessed on your computer, table or mobile.

iPhoneOnce you fill out your profile and answer questions about your goals and schedule, Daniel will draw upon his most effective exercises, workouts and healthful eating recommendations to build your calendar of success.

That’s how My FitU™ came to be. My FitU™ will continue to evolve into the future to keep you in the best shape of your life. It’s My FitU™ because it truly is yours.

Official Online Personal Trainer of
Why My FitU™

Do you want to simply lose weight? Do you want to feel stronger? Increase endurance? Create healthier habits?

Whatever your fitness goals, My FitU™ empowers you to achieve success. A membership to My FitU™ provides you with a competitive advantage:

  • Hundreds of professional quality HD instructional exercise videos with audio instruction - just like having Daniel right by your side
  • Exercises tailored into 30-40 minute workouts designed for maximum benefit in the most efficient time - proper intesity is the key to changing your body
  • A nutrition guideline to help you understand how your body responds to food - you'll achieve better results if you know EXACTLY what you're putting in your body
  • A My FitU iPhone app so you can use My FitU wherever you go - it's a personal trainer in your pocket!
  • With unique Safety videos, Daniel focuses on safety first - 60% of first time exercisers and those who haven't exercised in a long time injure themselves within the first month of starting a workout program.
  • Choose your rest days. Swap exercises within workouts to try new movements. Change your goals. You name it. Customize My FitU™ to your specifications.
  • Daniel's blog sorts through the mass of health information available - giving you the key pieces of education to make the greatest impact
  • Daniel’s philosopy is to teach and guide you to reach your goals and maintain the level of fitness you desire - consider My FitU™ your fitness University!
How Does My FitU™ Work?

It's simple. It's affordable. It works.

Want to avoid the plateaus and monotony of typical fitness plans? My FitU™ changes with you, monitors and updates your progress and keeps you motivated to achieve new levels within your program.

My FitU™ is your online personal trainer, healthful eating mentor, and weight loss coach rolled into one. You will have the access of celebrity trainer Daniel Meng across your devices 24/7.

Each day is a day to begin. Start now with My FitU™.

Simply begin by answering questions about yourself and your goals, and then select the membership plan that best fits you.

My FitU™ will deliver a custom fitness program organized into a weekly calendar. As your goals change, so does your fitness program. You can share and update your friends on your progress and success socially.

Take full advantage of these benefits for as low as $1.15 per week! Sign up for your free 14 day FREE trial now - no credit card required. Whether you are interested in trying My FitU™ one month at a time or for an entire year, the choice is yours.

Worried about having the right equipment? My FitU™ will take the guesswork out and point you to Daniel’s tried and tested recommendations.

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Features of My FitU™
  • Personalized fitness calendar and schedule
  • Workout plans by day and goal
  • Workout tips to ensure safety and efficiency
  • iPhone app so you can My FitU™ wherever you go
  • An approved healthy eating Paleo guidleline
  • Progress tracking
  • Daily health tips
  • Social sharing of progress
  • Design your own page with motivating quotes
  • Fitness equipment recommendations

Everywhere you go.
Everything you want to achieve.

It’s time for you to take control of who you want to be. Gain confidence. Feel Healthy. Fitting your schedule and on your terms. Every person is different, and so are your challenges.

That’s why it’s not just FitU, it’s My FitU™